Sunday, October 5, 2008


To my (great) disappointment, the Apple Ipod Touch free application "Sextuple Word Lite" had nothing to do with sex.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Margaret Cho Day

Margaret Cho Day

My 4 and 3/4 seconds of fame. 

She didn't show the part in which I sincerely asked her to prom. 

She didn't show the part in which she said "We'll talk after the show."

She also didn't show the part in which after the show she said to me: "Yeah, totally. Just Facebook me." 

Oh, and the part in which she stumped on my young heart.

I promised her a ticket.

I promised her dinner. 

I even promised her I would Facebook her. 

And guess what? I did. Yeah, that's right. I keep promises. I don't ignore other peoples' Friend Requests. Especially people who promised me a ticket, dinner, and a Facebook friend request/message. Not that many people make me these promises, but when it does happen to me, at least I know I won't ignore them for 5 months, 21 days, 3 hours, 2 minutes, and 18 seconds (and counting). But instead all I get is my stupid, hoarse laugh being showed over and over again on TV and my role as the stupid-celebrity-crazed-high-school-17-year-old-girl-asking-for-her-signature-on-a-t-shirt-she-found-in-her-bag-that-she-originally-needed-to-wear-for-her-homeroom-picture. I may be almost all of these things, but one thing is for sure -- I'm 18 and a half years old. Take that, Margaret Cho.

And take this from a mature and composed girl:
 > :p

Some things are better left unreturned...

When I let people borrow things, most of the time I want them back (the things, I mean). Things such as pencils, notebooks, socks, tanktops, yo-yos. But never pads. Or tampons. Ewww. "No, thanks, I don't want it back." WTF. I lend --- no, I give it to you, so it's yours, OKAY? When I "lend" that to you I never want it back, cap-peesh? What, are you giving it back to me for good manners? Well then, I want my yo-yo back.